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Taco Bell on the run: 1st location to be lifted and moved

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NEW YORK — Taco Bell’s first location is making a run for the border and into another city.

The taco chain says it is saving its first restaurant from demolition by lifting it from its 53-year-old foundation in Downey, California, and moving it 45-miles away to Taco Bell’s headquarters in Irvine, California.

The restaurant, nicknamed Numero Uno, was opened in 1962 by founder Glen Bell as a walk up taco stand with live music and fire pits. It closed in 1986, and other restaurants took over until it was emptied last year.

The entire structure, which is about 400 square feet, will make the move Thursday night. It will stay in storage at Taco Bell’s headquarters until it figures out what to do with it. It will also ask customer’s for suggestions.

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