Former UConn student in Mac and Cheese viral video asks for plea deal

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VERNON – The former UConn student who was seen in a viral video pushing  a food service employee in an attempt to buy mac and cheese with bacon and jalapeno, has asked for the court to grant accelerated rehabilitation.

Luke Gatti was scheduled to be arraigned on misdemeanor breach of peace and trespassing charges Monday in Rockville Superior Court.

He was in the building, by did not appear in a courtroom, his attorneys filed for the special form of probation where his conviction will be erased if he stays out of trouble.

The 19-year-old former freshman from Bayville, New York, was arrested after the Oct. 4 outburst in the Student Union, where he ranted at and shoved a university food service supervisor for refusing to sell him jalapeno-bacon macaroni and cheese.

The incident was caught on a video that has been widely viewed on the Internet.

Gatti later apologized in a video he posted online.

Gatti is no longer enrolled at UConn. School officials won’t say if he was expelled or left on his own.