Manchester Road Race lifers recognized at annual event

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MANCHESTER--Organizers of the Manchester Road Race are going the extra mile for their most dedicated runners this year.

Dennis McCormackThe race staff is introducing “Perennial Performance Bibs” to honor those who have been around the blocks of Manchester over and over again. The red, white and blue bibs are given to any male runner who has run the race 50 times or more and any female competitor who has run 40 times or more.

“There are eight perennial performers running with the bibs this year,” said race president Tris Carta.

One such runner is Dennis McCormack, a Manchester-based lawyer and former track star who is running his 51st race this Thanksgiving.

“My first race was in 1965,” McCormack laughed. “I enjoy the whole atmosphere, it’s Manchester, Thanksgiving Day and it’s the only thing I know."Beth Shluger

It’s a similar story for Beth Shluger, the director of the CEO of the Hartford Marathon Foundation, who will be hitting the blacktop for the 43rd straight year. “To me it’s the best day of the year,” Shluger said. “The sun is shining and your turn on Main Street and you just say, my gosh, life is good.”

Carta added that those cheering on the racers should “look for (the bibs) and congratulate the people wearing them.”