Bridgeport home healthcare aide arrested for stealing identity of 81-year-old

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STAMFORD–A Bridgeport woman has been arrested for the third time this year on charges of identity theft.

On December 1, Stamford Police arrested Philiann Barnett, 36, on charges of first- and second-degree larceny, credit card theft, identity theft in the first degree, forgery in the third degree and other charges.

Police say that Barnett stole more than $26,000 from an 81-year-old woman who has Alzheimer’s disease. Barnett, a home healthcare aid, had been hired to care for the victim by the victim’s family.

According to an officer from the Financial Crimes division, which investigated the case, as soon as Barnett was hired she stole the identity of the woman she was working for and opened new cards in the victim’s name. Barnett also allegedly used the victim’s pre-existing credit cards to buy items for herself. She also is said to have withdrawn money from the victim’s bank account to pay her own bills.

Jewelry was also found to be missing from the victim’s home.

According to Stamford Police and state judicial records, there are two cases pending against Barnett for identity theft in Ridgefield and Wilton. Police say that both of those victims also had “diminished mental capacity.”

Barnett has been known to use the aliases Nikki Daley, Nikki Barber, Philliann Barber, Philliann Burke.

Barnett is being held on a $150,000 bond and is set to be arraigned on December 15, though court records state that her next court appearance for the Wilton case is on December 7 and for the Ridgefield case on December 9.

If you recognize Barnett or may have purchased any items from her, please call the Stamford Police Department Financial Crimes Unit at 203-977-4407.