Malloy calls out Republicans’ rhetoric on Planned Parenthood in light of shootings

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NEW HAVEN--Gov. Dan Malloy, D-Connecticut, said at a press conference on Tuesday that as a supporter of Planned Parenthood’s mission for his entire adult life, it was important for him to visit their New Haven facility in light of the recent shooting at a facility in Colorado.

Malloy spoke about the attack on Friday that left three people dead at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Clinic, saying he wanted to stand in solidarity with employees here.

He also disparaged Republican rhetoric against Planned Parenthood, calling their stand against the clinics irresponsible.

“Republicans are using every opportunity, including doctored filmmaking, as a basis to attack Planned Parenthood,” said Malloy.

Some of the films or videos to which he refers were released earlier this year. They showed doctors and staff members discussing the harvesting of limbs and organs of fetuses for profit.

After Malloy's comments Tuesday, Republican called him out.

“Nowhere in his speech today does he talk about the victims or the families or for example the Iraqi war vet has set up a go fund me account to help the family to help he's got two little girls,” said J.R. Romano, the Connecticut Republican Party chairman.

And Romano adds that Malloy is inconsistent. “When officers in New York City were executed in a horrific tragedy he didn't go around and talk about some of the rhetoric that was being pushed by say the black lives matter movement.”

Malloy also used his Planned Parenthood visit as an opportunity to tee off on Republican governors and presidential candidates on their stances on abortion, without naming anyone in particular. Some pro-lifers have called for Planned Parenthood to be defunded.

“It's wrong and women should have the choice to go to a quality healthcare for their needs and no one has the right to deny them that,” says Malloy.

Planned Parenthood emphasizes that they are not solely focused on reproductive health. So they didn’t shelter in place when the Colorado shooting went down.

“When a woman has a lump in her breast and is worried she needs to be seen right away and it's important for us to continue,” said Judy Trabar, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England. “These services are critical.”

Since Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide have been targets for years, most clinics, including New Haven, have already had a police presence and security protocol in place.