The Comeback: Joe Ganim takes oath of office, becomes mayor of Bridgeport

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BRIDGEPORT -- The term widely heard about the halls of the Klein Auditorium in Bridgeport was "The Comeback Kid."

And rightfully so.

Mayor Joe Ganim was still in disbelief for much of the evening.

"A year ago, I don't believe I had any thoughts, real thoughts, concepts, themes, dreams of standing here, before this microphone on this day," he said during his inauguration speech.

The inauguration also included the swearing in of school board members, city counselors and other city leaders.

Ganim's night was remarkable given his history. He resigned from office in 2003 after being convicted on federal corruption charges during his first go-around as mayor, then spent seven years in prison. Finally, in September, he beat out the incumbent, Bill Finch, for the Democratic nomination.

Tuesday evening, Ganim appeared a more humble man before the packed house.

"I've learned much from my life's many experiences," he said quietly during his speech. "Lessons about how a person can fall and get back up and how one can face adversity after making mistakes."

Ganim thanked his family and his supporters for helping him make history. He says he planned to celebrate tonight but then go right back to work tomorrow looking at personnel and the city's budget.