Gun control targeted again after San Bernardino shooting

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HARTFORD--Connecticut's federal lawmakers renewed the call for Congress to stiffen gun control, or else accept that they are remaining complicit in future mass shootings.

Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy has been one of the most vocal critics of U.S. senators and congressmen who refuse to act.

Hours after the shooting on Wednesday, Murphy sent out this tweet:

At a Friday press conference, Murphy was joined by Rep. Elizabeth Esty, Rep. John Larson and Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Murphy said Congress missed a layup Thursday when it voted down legislation, including provisions to ban people on the terrorist watch list from legally buying a gun in America.

Gun supporters usually take shots at any form of gun control, but the owner of Delta Arsenal in Wallingford, Douglas Odishoo, said a law to do better at keeping guns away from potential terrorists may actually be common sense legislation.

"If you're on a watch list, then there should be a flag," Odishoo said.  "And then there should be a temporary hold on that."

Connecticut's congressional delegation calls on all Americans to force their senators and congressmen to bring the issue to a vote.