Parents angered after ‘Silent Night’ lyrics changed for concert in Stratford

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STRATFORD -- One music teacher's change of lyrics in the Christmas carol "Silent Night" caused parents to register their displeasure with the school's administration.

A teacher at Chapel Street Elementary school changed the lyrics of "Silent Night" from "holy night" to "solstice night." The concert is going to be held in January, according to Superintendent Janet Robinson.

Chapel Street Elementary"It was a single music teacher exercising creativity," said Superintendent Robinson. "That is not our policy."

A caller to the "Chaz and AJ in the Morning" show voiced her disgust at the change.

Robinson said she was unaware of the change until people started to complain. The school policy is to request a change through the department head, which in this case was not done, said Robinson.

"I will reiterate to teachers that this is not our policy and if they want to change lyrics, they need to go through their department heads," said Robinson.

The concert will go on next month, but the song "Silent Night" will no longer be part of it.

Meanwhile, people on the streets of Stratford took issue with what some say is society's over-sensitivity.

"I don't think anyone should be getting offended by it. It's holiday season. Everyone should be happy about Christmas songs and stuff," said Kimberly Knipstein, a freshman at Quinnipiac University.

"I'm sorry. I'm going to keep doing what I do. This is how I was raised. This is how I think everybody around here was raised," said Erik Johnson, a Stratford native. "I don't like that at all."

"I don't think they should be forced to sing something that they don't agree with. I definitely don't think it should it should have changed," said Cheryl Chittem of Stratford. She said her niece goes to the elementary school under scrunity.

Samantha Moore, a senior at Quinnipiac University, offered a solution: "I definitely remember in elementary school -- like, I celebrate Christmas -- but I remember during our Christmas shows we would sing Christmas songs, we would sing Hanukkah songs but to me, it's just a song. I don't think the words need to be changed," Moore said.

Stratford's Gary Mayernick wondered about the Silent Night's original lyricist. "I think the composer of the song wouldn't like it," said Mayernick.

A quick Internet search pulls up a pagan version of Silent Night.

Chaz and AJ created their own Facebook page to let viewers weigh in on this morning's call. They've dubbed it "Abolish Super Sensitivity." As of 4:30 p.m., less than 12 hours after the call from the fuming parent, the page had nearly 700 likes.