Police say dog went missing one week before found dead in Wallingford park

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Credit: Tyler Hill Preserve Facebook page

WALLINGFORD–Police have found the owner of a dog that was located at the Tyler Mill Preserve on Thursday.

It was announced Thursday that a 1- to 3-year-old brown shepherd mix with white paws had been found shot to death and wrapped in a tarp.

The dog seemed to be healthy and was spayed, but didn’t have a collar or tags.

On Friday, police found the owner, who reported that the dog had gone missing about a week ago. The owner isn’t suspected of harming the dog, which seemed to have only been left where it was found less than 24 hours earlier.

Police are now searching fro the person responsible for the pet’s death. If you saw anyone with a large blue tarp or near the dog at Tyler Mill Preserve in the past week, please call 203-294-2805.