Students at South Windsor High caught texting and driving–but there’s a twist

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SOUTH WINDSOR–One local high school took an unusual approach to impart an important message to its students.

About 150 students participated in the AAA Texting and Driving Experience at South Windsor High School on Friday. You read that right: texting and driving.

The safe, hands-on program shows teens the dangers of texting and driving under a controlled situation. AAA driving instructors and local police officers were there as students both read and responded to texts while driving on a course in the school’s parking lot in an effort to teach teens that one distraction can cause a fatal mistake.

The results of a "fatal" mistake

The results of a “fatal” mistake, 

The program actually began Thursday night with parents in attendance, and the kids stayed overnight at school.

The program has been held in alternating years for juniors and seniors at the high school, but this was the first year that AAA participated.