Will General Electric keep a presence in Connecticut?

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HARTFORD–After months of speculation following a very public dispute over an increased business tax in the state’s new budget, General Electric is soon expected to make a final decision on moving its headquarters out of the state.

Connecticut is supposed to find out within the month, according to company leaders.

GE was incredibly vocal, along with other companies, during this past legislative session, expressing concern over Connecticut’s business climate.

The company, headquartered in Fairfield, has publicly been courted by other states like New York and Florida, though CEO Jeff Immelt did say last month that the company would always have “a big presence in Connecticut,” even if the headquarters moved out of state.

FOX 61 caught up with Gov. Dan Malloy Friday, one day after it was announced that the Democrats and Republicans in the state Legislature could not come to an agreement on the budget, meaning there will be a special session next week.

“It’s quite clear that GE is going to continue to have many, many jobs here, the question is how many jobs stay here in the headquarters operation versus relocating them somewhere else,” he said. “But thousands of GE jobs, here one way or the other, I’d like to win the whole thing that’s why getting some things done next week during the special session is very important to the overall commitment for companies, not just GE.”

The special session is scheduled to start Tuesday morning.