Community rallies to raise Guilford mom’s spirits for Christmas

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GUILFORD - It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. In Guilford, that doesn’t just apply to children.

Last Tuesday a hit-and-run accident happened in front of the community center. Talk of the accident spread quickly on the “Simply Guilford” FaceBook page.

"Everyone was posting about this hit-and-run, and asking , does anyone know who it was?” said to Catherine Marganski.

She got the answer from the woman herself, who was posting from home.

“It is a single mom, two boys," said Erica Azarigian, owner of Ella, Where She Shops. "Getting cold out - I can’t stand to see someone have a ruined holiday.”

So collections immediately started, like gift cards for the kids for Christmas.

The Marketplace owner Dee Jacob stepped in with another basic necessity – food. In this case - cooking.

"She is the one that normally does the meal prep, so through the donations, we’re able to provide dinners for at least a week for her, and breakfast,” she said.

Now the “Simply Guilford” donations bag is full of gift cards and support, for this woman – who many don’t know – yet understand what she’s going through.

"That’s how we roll in Guilford," said Marganski. "We have each other’s backs.”