Metro-North Conductor does a different sort of conducting with Yale Glee Club

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STAMFORD -- The holiday spirit is wherever you look for it...including on a Metro-North train.

Bob McDonough, a 30-year veteran of the railroad, became part of a viral video sensation last Friday after he "conducted" the Yale Glee Club.

"I post it and you can see the counter, beep beep beep, going up like the stock market, it was crazy," recalled McDonough. "I just told my wife, I said I think this is my 15 minutes of fame and I'm at like 14 minutes and 55 seconds, so it's almost over, but I'm enjoying it."

Dan Rubins, the Glee Club president, says the club was on a Metro-North train headed back to New Haven from a concert at the Yale University Club in New York on Friday night when conductor Bob McDonough asked them to sing.

"I'm the conductor, let me conduct,'' he says on video recorded by club member Greg Suralik and posted on Bob's Facebook page.

The group then breaks into the "Carol of the Bells,'' much to McDonough's delight.

"The kids were phenomenal. They were beautiful. Sounded like angels, and they were such nice kids," said McDonough.

Rubins says the group also had McDonough as their conductor on the way to New York and had sung for him then.

He says the Glee Club also performed for passengers waiting for their trains at Grand Central Station.

"It just makes me feel good that I brought smiles to people's faces," said McDonough.

Additional reporting by the Associated Press