Plainfield mansion destroyed in fire

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PLAINFIELD  --  A mansion was  destroyed Sunday following a Sunday morning fire.

Emergency personnel were alerted to a structure fire billowing out of control on Weston Road around 5 a.m. Over 80 firefighters and 18 tanker trucks were brought in to combat the blaze as it intensified.

As flames darted through the second floor to the roof, the home's top section gave way to resulting structural weaknesses. A large interior section of the home eventually collapsed under the roof's weight, forcing firefighters to push back until the extreme dangers could subside.

Plainfield fire officials noted that water scarcity was a major issue for this particular fight. A few designated tankers were required to shuttle the water from a distance while others remained on scene.

According to Fire Marshal Paul Yellin of Plainfield, crews were unable to enter the building until around 7:30 a.m. due to the roof collapse. Officials were then able to begin their investigation while simultaneously extinguishing hot spots.

Nobody was injured in the fire, although rescue teams were on standby to aid firefighters. The family was not home when the blaze ignited, although they reportedly returned some time during the incident.

The cause of the fire is undetermined, pending a State Fire Marshal's office investigation.