QU students come to rescue when others leave waitress with the tab

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HAMDEN — A Quinnipiac University student has come to the rescue of a waitress who had other students leave without paying their bill.

Katie Benedito, a junior, saw a post on Facebook from the co-worker of a waitress at TGIFridays who said her friend had been serving six QU students who left without paying their bill Saturday night.

According to the QU Chronicle, Benedito, with help from Sara-Lynn Dickinson, set up a GoFundMe page to help the waitress, Lulu Gamble. Gamble was responsible for the full tab run up by the students when they left.

According to information posted on the fundraising site, Gamble not only lost the money, but since she had stayed late to serve the students, she missed tucking her daughter in bed that evening.

By Tuesday afternoon when the GoFundMe fundraising was closed, $900 was raised toward a goal of $1,000.

Benedito told the QU Chronicle she planned to give Gamble the money on Friday night.