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Girl calls 911 after knocking elf off the shelf in fear Christmas magic would be lost

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OLD BRIDGE, N.J.–Part of the magic of Christmas is children’s unwavering belief in stories, but one little girl from New Jersey got in some trouble for her faith.

Seven-year-old Isabelle LaPeruta accidentally knocked her “elf on a shelf” off the shelf, a big no-no. In the popular children’s book “An Elf’s Story,” Christmas magic disappears from any home in which the elf is touched and Santa won’t bring presents.

Isabelle was so distraught that she called 911! Here was her conversation:

(911 Dispatch) “911. Where is your emergency? 911. Hello?”

(Isabelle LaPeruta, 7-Year-Old): “It’s Isabella.”

(911 Dispatch) “Hi, Hi Isabella. Why are you calling 911?”

(Isabelle): “Don’t come to my house. Don’t!.”

(911 Dispatch) “Ok, Why did you call 911 honey?”

(Isabelle): “Don’t come to my house. OK!.”

(911 Dispatch) “Were you accidentally calling 911 and made a mistake?”

(Isabelle): “Yes, I was trying to call my dad to tell him about the accident.”

(911 Dispatch) “Ok mistakes happen honey, you can just say you made a mistake, ok?”

(911 Dispatch) “Is your mom home?”

(Isabelle): “Yes she’s asleep. Bye”

(911 Dispatch): “OK Honey.”

(Responding Officer): “Isabella apologizes. She touched her Elf on the Shelf. She won’t call 911 again.”

The Old Bridge Police Department sent an officer to Isabelle’s house to make sure everything was okay. Isabelle didn’t want to let him in and started crying, and she had to wake up her mom and explain what happened.

The officer assured her that Santa would still come visit her, and he kept his promise: police and firefighters from the town escorted Santa to Isabelle’s home personally after the incident!

If your son or daughter fears the loss of Christmas after an elf accident, there are some secret tricks to restore the magic, according to the official Elf on the Shelf website:

  1. Cinnamon is like vitamins for elves that helps transport them to doctors in the North Pole, so sprinkle a little next to your friend
  2. Write an apology to Santa, and he’ll restore the elf’s magic
  3. Sing a Christmas carol with your family help restore the Christmas cheer


Additional reporting from CNN.

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