Tips on having an easy travel experience with your pets

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Pets are like family to many, so of course you want to bring your furry loved ones with you wherever you go to celebrate the holidays. However, many worry about traveling with their pets.

Dana Humphrey, or "The Pet Lady," joined us on the Morning Show to talk about how to travel with your pet, and she was joined by a furry friend from the Windsor Locks rescue Hole in One Animal Rescue, which you can learn more about here.

Here are some of Dana's tips on how to have an easy travel experience, and she breaks it down by the type of travel:

  • Travel by car
    • Execute the buddy system! It's important not to leave pets unattended in the car, so try and travel with a partner so that you can take turns during inevitable bathroom and food breaks. Also, don't tie your dog outside of stores or public places.
    • Take a break every two hours to let your pet stretch its legs and use the restroom
    • Buckle your buddy up, just like you would with your human children
  • Travel by train
    • Use an enclosure, such as a crate or carrier, for a safe, hassle-free experience
    • Make sure to have water, snacks and medications for your pet in case of delays
  • Travel by plane
    • Make sure to alert your airline ahead of time that you're bringing your pet
    • Your pet counts as a carry on, so remember to check the rest of your baggage
    • Some airlines now allow two dogs per carrier, which cuts down on costs for you
    • Airlines have weight limits, many of them 20 pounds, so double check before bringing your friend on board

Also, another tip Dana had no matter what type of travel you're doing is to put something in your cat's or dog's carrier that reminds him or her of you. Something that smells like you, such as an old shirt, is perfect to provide extra comfort to your baby.

Some other general tips to keep in mind include making sure your animal has proper identification at all times, use a flea control system even in cold weather, protect your pet's paws against snow, travel with a friend and always buckle your pup up and always have snacks and water to keep your friend happy and comfortable. Treats are always a bonus!

You can learn more about Dana here.

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