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Naugatuck Police ‘interrogate’ Santa Claus for cookie burglary, 8 counts of animal cruelty

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NAUGATUCK--Santa made the naughty list this year, and he almost had to pay the price.

On Christmas Eve, Naugatuck Police brought Santa in for questioning after catching him breaking into homes and stealing cookies.

They told him he was being charged not just with burglary, but also with animal cruelty for leaving Dasher, Dancer, prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen chained up on the roofs of homes.

"Kris Kringle" tried to explain who he was, that he was the real Santa, but the officers interrogating him just thought he was on drugs.

"Are you on drugs?" one of them asked.

But Santa had an answer for him: "No, no, candy canes."

"You're on candy canes? What's that?" the officer questioned.

When Santa pulled out a candy cane for each officer, they got livid. "Anybody search this guy?!" he exclaimed.

It started getting even worse for our jolly friend when he mentioned that children love the candy canes.

"Children? What about children?" the officer said as his ears perked up at the sound of another crime.

Thankfully, Santa was saved when a third detective entered the interrogation room to ask the officers what they were doing and explained that the man really was Santa. They eventually caught on and believed him when Santa was able to recite the presents they had asked for in letters sent to St. Nick as children.

You can see the full interrogation here:

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