Fairfield mom creates chic accessory to safely wear hair elastic on wrist with style

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FAIRFIELD -- The hair elastic. Small, yes. Insignificant, no.

It's a much-valued staple, worn on the wrist of many busy moms, readily available to control errant tresses while playing an impromptu football game, throwing in a batch of cookies or writing a weekly column (I'm taking this piece personally).

But, let's face it: they're tight and not exactly an attractive addition to the arm, and as FOX 61 previously reported, it can be potentially quite dangerous to a person's health.

These facts caused Karin Zannella of Fairfield to have an "a-ha!" moment while riding the commuter train, as she looked around at other professionals with elastics on their wrists.

A fashion-forward accessory was born, providing women with a practical solution to a common problem.

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