Massachusetts man arrested in Tolland for machete, narcotics in car

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TOLLAND–A Massachusetts man was arrested on Sunday for some illegal activity wrapped up as a Christmas gift.

Around 4:20 p.m. a State Police trooper was on patrol on I-84 in the Tolland area when he saw a Chrysler 300 speeding passed him with an illegible license plate.

The trooper, who was in an unmarked car, pulled the car over and while speaking with the driver he noticed a possible weapon under the front seat. The driver consented to having his car searched.

When officers searched the car they found an illegal machete under the passenger seat and a fixed blade knife elsewhere in the car. Officers also noticed a small gift in wrapping paper in the center console, but the paper was torn and officers saw what looked like heroin bags in it.

The driver, who was identified as Generoso Mercedes, 52, of Worcester, Massachusetts, was arrested and charged with having weapons in a vehicle, possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, illegible license plate and four counts of third-degree forgery. He was held on a $15,000 bond.