State police: Increase in Christmas accidents, drunk drivers, this year

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MIDDLETOWN – State police responded to more accidents this year than the year before.

Just under 470 accidents occurred and 40 people were arrested for driving under the influence over the holiday weekend. There were 19 DUI arrests last year.

This was a significant increase in accidents, up from last year’s 279. Five were fatal in Bethany, Bolton, East Hartford, Enfield and Old Saybrook, and another 51 involved other, non-fatal, injuries. There was 1 fatal accident last year.

There were 621 speeding citations, up from 243 last year, and over 1,563 hazardous moving violations, including tailgating and using cellphones. There were also 36 seatbelt violations written this year.

Troopers observed a higher traffic volume over the Christmas holiday, perhaps due to the milder weather.

State police also have sobriety checkpoints planned for New Year’s Eve.

If anyone sees a suspected drunk driver, or dangerous driver, state police advise to call 911 and immediately report it.