The Stan Simpson Show: Connecting school learning to library experiences in Hartford

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HARTFORD--Hartford's new "Boundless" program is "an important new tool to the urban learning toolbox," said Hartford Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Beth Narvaez, who sat down with Stan Simpson and the school district's partner in the endeavor, Hartford Public Library CEO and President Matt Poland, to discuss the program.

Through the Boundless partnership, teachers and library staff will both be trained to provide seamless learning, with one-on-one attention to those of all ages looking to learn. The resources for both systems, such as the library's databases and the school's books, will help round out education for the kids. The program also aims to cut down on costs by eliminating the need for redundant resources in each location by having the schools and library work together.

The program is piloted through the Goodwin Library Branch and the Sarah J. Rawson Elementary School in Hartford’s North End.