‘Tis the season for hoverboard injuries

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MANCHESTER--One of the hotter Christmas gifts this year has also been known to catch fire. Another painful issue with hoverboards is just trying to stay on them.

Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson learned that the hard way and video of him falling flat on his back has gone viral.

Aryam Oyola, 14, feels Tyson's pain, perhaps even more so.  The Manchester teen broke his wrist trying out the hoverboard his cousin got on Christmas.

Connecticut Children's Medical Center said the E.R. has seen several injuries this holiday season from hoverboards.  The worst case was a concussion with a cracked skull.

Doctors urge hoverboard users to where pads, especially a helmet.

Oyola said he might give it another try.

"Maybe, next time I will have protection," Oyola said.

In the new year, new rules on hoverboards in California.  There you will have to wear a helmet and be at least 16 years old to operate a hoverboard in public.

Meanwhile, here in Connecticut, they are banned from campus at the University of Hartford and the University of Bridgeport.  UCONN is considering the ban as well.