Gov. Malloy discusses 2015 scuffle over budget, what’s coming for the state in 2016

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HARTFORD - It was a long year in Connecticut's capital, with a budget battle that still isn't over.

Gov. Dan Malloy spoke with FOX 61's Jenn Bernstein about what has occurred, and what we're looking at moving forward.

One of the key focuses is moving on from the contentious budget battle between Malloy, the Democrats and the Republicans, with tons of arguments over what cuts should be made and what funds had to be kept.

A revised budget was approved at the end of 2015, allowing members of the state Legislature more time to iron out a long-term plan.

Meanwhile, many of Malloy's pet projects weren't lost in the fight. The transportation funds have remained, and the state was even recently awarded more federal funds to improve our infrastructure.

Malloy also passed many criminal justice reforms as part of his Second Change program.

He touted the statistics that show the success of many of these programs.