A stop for pinball wizards in the heart of NYC

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NEW YORK -- After you take in the latest gallery showing and hit the newest restaurant hot spot, there is a unique stop that scores high.

In Manhattan's Kip's Bay neighborhood there is a shop dedicated to the silver ball. Steve Zahler opened Modern Pinball NYC two years ago, along with partner Steve Epstein. It is a place dedicated to plungers and playfields, spinners and skill shots.

"From the first moment you see it, it's calling you," Zahler said. "Pinball is a great game and wonderful pastime."

If you're looking for all the bells and whistles, they are here; Modern Pinball NYC showcases around 30 pinball machines from every era -- no quarters needed. Instead, guests buy a time pass and simply swipe a card to play.

Zahler is simply trying to expose a new generation to the game he loves.

"We are on a serious mission to save pinball here," he said. "And you don't have to be a pinball wizard to appreciate it."

After a few spirited games of "Games of Thrones" and "The Simpsons" arcade offerings, Jonathan Martell, a regular at Modern Pinball said, "You get this tactile experience that you don't get with video games, you move the machine around, it's a skill game."

Saddling up to a "Dr. Dude" machine, New York-based recording artist Saniye said she makes frequent visits to play the silver ball.

"I'm a kid and will always be a kid. My motto is -- let's play," Saniye said.

Zahler said, "A lot of parents bring in their kids and everyone just has a great time."

Modern Pinball NYC is  located at 362 Third Ave. and 27th Street. An hour pass costs $12, and it's $19 for a three-hour pass. Party bookings are available.

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