Female victim in New Haven escapes after home intruder threatens her with butcher knife

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NEW HAVEN–Police are asking for help to find a suspect after a failed home invasion.

On Wednesday around 6 p.m.–near the corner of Hazel Street and Newhall Street–a police officer was approached by a woman holding a butcher knife and hysterically crying. The 53-year-old woman said she escaped from her apartment after an intruder tried to tie her up.

The victim said she was in her bathroom when a “petite” black man with salt-and-pepper hair who was wearing a beige coat came up behind her holding a butcher knife. He told her to go to her bed and said he wouldn’t hurt her if she cooperated. The man tried to hold her hands behind her back, but got distracted and ran out of the room without the knife.

She ran out of her home and saw the officer and told him what happened.

In the apartment, police found the victim’s roommate, a 64-year-old woman. She had been assaulted and was disoriented. She had a cut on her face and was lying on the floor. That victim couldn’t offer details about what happened.

Neither victim suffered life-threatening injuries.

Police have one lead, but are asking for any help identifying the suspect. If you know anything, please call 203-946-6304.