MDC warns customers of impostors in Newington

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NEWINGTON — The Metropolitan District Commission are asking people to be cautious of two individuals who are posing as water company employees.

On Wednesday, two male suspects who claimed to be working for the MDC water company entered a home in Newington near Hartford Avenue. They claimed they needed to check the water, but they do not work for the company.

Officials are urging all residents, especially if they are home during the day, to remember these tips:

  • MDC employees wear clothing and drive vehicles clearly marked with the MDC logo.
  • Ask for identification. All employees have ID badges and will display them upon request.
  • If someone approaches you, claiming to be from the water company and you do not have a scheduled appointment, do not allow access to your home until calling the MDC command center at (860)-728-7850 ext 3600 to verify their identity.
  • If you  have any doubt about the individuals identity or motives or their credentials, do not allow entry into your home and call police.