As Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters celebrates 50 years, one man shares success story

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HARTFORD--On the 50th anniversary of Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters, an East Windsor man shared his story of how the organization changed his life.

Forty-one year-old Mike Mascaro grew up on Columbus Circle in East Hartford with his single mother and brother.  He says life was tough until his mom made a phone call.

Mascaro says, "When I was 8-years-old, my mom had matched me with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I think she started when I was 7, but they put you on a waiting list to find out if your personality is a match.  They do background checks to try to find the right fit."

Mascaro was matched with a man named Tim.  Thirty-three years later, the two are still friends. Tim was what you call Mike's "big," and at that time Mike was the "little." Now, Mike is a "big," and has mentored several children.

Mascaro is currently senior director of engineering for the New England division of Comcast. FOX 61 asked Mascaro, "Did you ever think you would say that?"

He laughed and said, "No. My parents, my mom has remarried, had no idea where I was headed. So, it's funny how the world turns."

Mike says looking back,  it was Tim that helped set his career path.

He says, "I think I got bit by the tech bug when I was exposed because there really weren't any programs at school, so Tim exposed me I've gotta think because a few years after that I started getting into technology."

Mascaro is now on the board of directors of Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters in Hartford and has been a mentor to children there. He says the experience from both sides is extremely rewarding.

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