Cold Case: Marcus McDade

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HARTFORD--On this week's cold case, we're taking a look back not too far into the past.

Last summer a father of six was killed on the block he lived on. It was the 17th of 31 homicides in 2015.

Marcus McDade, 38, was shot in his leg and torso around 3 a.m. on Wednesday, July 15 on Pliny Street, where he lived. No one called 911 to report the shooting, but Hartford's shot-spotter technology picked it up, and police arrived to take McDade to the hospital, but he died from his injuries.

"It's happening to everyone. It's not just our family. It's not just the next person's family. It's at our back door now,” McDade’s sister Natasha Oyola told FOX 61 at the time.

At a vigil held a few days later, after the city announced that Gov. Dan Malloy would be giving additional assistance to Hartford to combat violence, Oyola spoke to FOX 61 again.

"It doesn't start with the governor, it doesn't start with the mayor, it starts in our homes. What we're teaching our own kids and what they need to know," Oyola said at the time.

Police say there was a loud argument between McDade and several men in a car right before the shooting, and they say he may have known his attacker.

If you have any information please call Hartford Police.