After 60 years, Glastonbury high will let graduates wear same colors

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Credit: Hartford Courant

GLASTONBURY — Students graduating from Glastonbury High School will wear the same color of gowns regardless of gender for the first time in over 60 years.

The Hartford Courant reports that school principal Nancy Bean changed the longtime policy of blue or black gowns for males and white gowns for females after a meeting with members of the school’s Gay Straight Alliance Club.

Bean says students and teachers who supported the change thought the tradition was antiquated. She says the school wanted to move away from defining gender through colors.

“A group of kids and teachers wanted to see the change,” Bean said to the Courant. “We no longer wanted to focus on colors that defined gender. They thought it was an antiquated tradition. Not everyone will agree with this, but this is the best for all kids.”

The tradition dates back to at least 1949 and continued through 2015 with only one exception. The class of 1950 voted to wear blue caps and gowns.

All students in June’s graduation ceremony will wear blue gowns with white sashes.