Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump for president

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WINTERSET, Iowa — Sarah Palin has announced who she is supporting in the 2016 presidential race.

The former vice presidential candidate threw her support behind Republican candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday, according to the New York Times.

“I am greatly honored to receive Sarah’s endorsement. She is a friend, and a high quality person whom I have great respect for. I am proud to have her support,” Trump said in a statement.

Palin said she was “proud to endorse” Trump.

Just hours earlier Trump teased that he’d be announcing a “huge” endorsement at an event in Ames, Iowa Tuesday evening, but he wouldn’t say who it was. Speculation was that it was Palin, but Trump wouldn’t confirm.

“I’m a big fan of Sarah Palin, yes,” Trump said earlier on Tuesday. “That I won’t say. I am a big fan of Sarah Palin, but I’m not saying who it is.”

He went on to speak more generally about endorsements, while saying he thought his fans would be “impressed” with the big surprise.

“I think endorsements are, depending on who, very valuable. I’ve never been a huge fan of endorsements. It’s the candidate mostly. And I’ve seen very important people endorse others and nothing happened,” said Trump.