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‘Idol’ auditionee thinks he’s got the ‘moves like Jagger,’ Clay Aiken doesn’t agree

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It was the second to last “American Idol” auditions ever, and we got some real winners!

On Wednesday night’s episode, two golden ticket recipients from last year returned, and they were both treated with another chance to win it all.

Adam Lasher was one of those contestants, and the other was Emily Brooke.

Last year, Brooke made it through the House of Blues round, and the judges certainly remembered how much they liked her. And that love only grew after her audition.

“You got so much better, you really improved,” Jennifer Lopez said. “I mean, we loved you last year…but we were waiting for this to happen.”

Harry Connick Jr. was really impressed as well. “Unquestionably the best audition of the day,” he told the budding star.

Another charmer was Mackenzie Bourg, who opened up by trying to relate to one of the judges.

It just so happens that Bourg and Harry Connick Jr. share a birthday–September 11–but they also both grew up in Louisiana.

That wasn’t Bourg’s biggest asset though. He went a step further in buttering up the judges by singing a medley of some of their hit songs.

When discussing his performance, Harry Connick Jr. said he was a “smart son of a gun.” He went on, saying, “It was charming, it was really sweet. You have a sort of quiet thing about you that was very interesting to watch.”

Not so charming was a gentleman who ended up getting into it with season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken.


The man had a unique charm to him, but it offended Clay, who thought the man was wasting the other auditionees' time.

Tune in to FOX 61 on Thursday at 8 p.m. for the last ever "American Idol" auditions!

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