Malloy pitches solar panels in New Haven

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NEW HAVEN -- On Wednesday, Governor Dannel P. Malloy joined city officials and neighborhood environmentalists to pitch the chance to get solar power and cut energy costs for just $20 a month - for the first year.

"We want cleaner, cheaper, more reliant energy," said Malloy. "We want to hit multiple sources of energy - so every time we can have a cleaner fuel that's a good day - every time it's less expensive, that's a good day."

In the ongoing effort to make Connecticut greener, the initiative's goal is simply to get as many solar panels on as many roofs as possible. The challenge is to explain to low-income housing owners that this isn't just for rich people. Anyone can do this and save money in the process.

"Solar for All," offers low- and middle-income homeowners the chance to invest in clean energy by working with PosiGen, the solar company performing the installations. Their program requires no credit checks, income minimum or down payments.

"The average customer saves $150-175 a month," said Thomas Neyhart, CEO of New Orleans-based Posigen. "We always say 'we don't sell solar efficiency, we sell positive financial impact into our customers' lives.'"

"We sell them through word of month," Neyhart said. "Most of our customers are referrals."

"No credit score, no down payment, I was like 'yeah right,'" said Susan Young of Bridgeport.

Young was paying $200 a month in electricity cots.

"Now I'm paying 17.25 a month," she said. "Everyone is approved. That's why it's called 'solar for all.'"