New London resident running for president as Democrat

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NEW LONDON -- While Trump and Clinton get the most of the presidential play in the media, there is a New London man who has entered the fray.

This year marks the third time 60-year-old former night club owner David Morascini has run for president, also doing so in 1992 and 1996, as a member of the Human Being Party, though he is running as a Democrat.  Morascini is among the close to 1,500 candidates registered for the presidential election.

"We were all taught in school anyone can grow up to be president," said Morascini, who is running as a Democrat. "So, I'm testing that theory."

His slogan: "If not now, when?"

In prime 1960s fashion, world peace is his primary goal.

"It's the same old war, war, war. War begets war. Violence begets violence. We need world peace now," said Morascini.

Many will say tell that to the radicals, who relentlessly wage war against the United States. But, Marascini despises war and always has.

"It's like bully against bully. You have to say 'this has to stop. This has to stop now. Let's sit down and talk peace,'" he says.

On the subject of immigration, Morascini takes a more conservative approach.

"When we have people starving in our own country, homelessness in our own country, starving children, that needs to be addressed first," he said.

Global warming is also real, he says. And it needs to be addressed now.

"Glaciers are melting at three, four times their usual rate. Scientists, from what I hear, are calling for big trouble by 2050."

And, of course, people are curious about his views on foreign policy. He says there should be no more foreign policy, only world policy.

Morascini, a life coach in New London, says he plans to take a couple of days off from work to head to New Hampshire for next month’s Democratic primary.

"I think if I get national press, people will hear me and either say 'God he's crazy or where the hell is he been!'"

You can learn more about Morascini on his Facebook page.