Renowned forensic scientists helps christen new research center at UNH

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WEST HAVEN--A very important person was on hand to open a new technology research center at the University of New Haven on Tuesday.

Renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee, for whom the China-U.S. Forensic Technology Research Center is being named, gave a presentation on crime solving in honor of the new center, which was made through a collaboration between the University of New Haven and the China University of Political Science and Law.

The hope is that the joint project will increase communication between the two countries, which each have impressive databases, but don't often collaborate on solving crimes.

Lee explained that many crimes are global in nature, and the communication is vital to solving them.

"Now, we start to realize almost 60 to 70 percent of the crimes are globally connected. Drug smuggling, firearms smuggling, that's a global crime," he explained.

Other global crimes include white collar crimes, business fraud and human smuggling.

The databases will help create a one-stop shop that will help solve crimes much quicker.

"All the firearm casings, bullets, now it's all in the computer system," Lee said. "Let's say at the scene you find a casing. The investigator can use a close-up model right away."