Religious and community leaders, governor, Bridgeport mayor discuss gun violence

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BRIDGEPORT--A group of community leaders met with the governor Thursday night to discuss how to tackle major issues in the state.

Gov. Malloy, Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, and the Congregation Organized for a New Connecticut--CONECT--joined together for a winter action assembly to work on ways to combat gun violence and reform police departments.

CONECT is comprised of more than 500 clergy members and community leaders from congregations in Fairfield and New Haven counties, and a majority were inĀ attendance.

Mayor Joe Ganim said, "The important thing is, that people are not only raising awareness, but working together to make our city, our state, and I believe our country safer in so many ways. I know the governor is here, I was down with the president last week at his initiative about guns and making the country safer, so that's what we're doing in Bridgeport."