Hamden High students raise $20,000 for teacher whose husband is battling cancer

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HAMDEN — Students at Hamden High have raised over $20,000 in two days for their teacher whose husband is battling cancer.

The junior and senior math class started a GoFundMe page for their teacher, Kathryn Caliendo. According to the post, Caliendo’s husband is battling stage four stomach cancer.

They said,

“Mrs. Caliendo balances being a full time teacher and taking care of her husband and kids. She is constantly battling the struggle of balancing the needs of her students that she is responsible for and her sick husband. She is an amazing teacher that never gets a break and we as a class want to be able to give her one.”

The student’s have set a goal of $30,000. As of Monday afternoon, more than 175 people have donated. If you would like to contribute, you can find the GoFundMe page here.