‘Jane the Virgin’ star offers up Golden Globes dress to fan

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BUFFALO, N.Y.–Some celebrities are willing to give fans their all, it seems.

Gina Rodriguez, the star of The CW’s “Jane the Virgin,” is giving one fan a very special gift, and all it took was a simple tweet.

Here’s how it started, with a tweet from Jessica Casanova, a Buffalo, New York high school student, at 1:24 p.m. on January 28:

Gina responded just a short time later, at 3:01 p.m.

Jessica confirmed that she lives in Buffalo, New York.

But before they continued, Gina wanted to make sure that Jessica knew exactly which dress she still owned, since it wasn’t her most recent Golden Globes spectacular:

This was her most recent Globes number:

Another fan seemed to be following the conversation, and asked if she had correctly guessed:

But Jessica was on top of it too, and knew exactly which dress she was negotiating for:

And that’s how her dream came to be!

Jessica’s boyfriend’s sister even wrote about the amazing incident

And now it seems Jessica and Gina have forged a special connection!

It seems that Jessica isn’t the only lucky one. Another fan tweeted that Gina should start a “Sisterhood of the Traveling Gina Golden Globes Dress.”

And apparently Gina had a similar idea!

Another fan tried to get in on the fun, and Gina even said #ThisJustMightWork, but the girl lives outside the United States.

Later, a fan asked Gina what she wore to her own prom, which she answered: