New London leaders vow action on racial diversity

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NEW LONDON -- City leaders are vowing action when it comes to diversity in New London's various departments and agencies.

Community activists met in the lobby of City Hall Monday evening to demand action in better diversifying the city's personnel.

"Actions are what matters and so whatever has been done to the process obviously hasn't resulted in a change," said Ron Ward, an activist who helped organize the rally.

A dozen or so community members attended the New London City Council meeting where members discussed ways to best diversify city positions.

One of the biggest sticking points of the night was the employment situation with the fire department. Mayor Michael Passero, a firefighter himself of more than 30 years, says he's aware of the situation, and vows to make changes.

"I'm on record going back many many years on wanting to solve this problem," said Passero. "I'm disappointed that more wasn't done in the last four years and I intend to do more in the next year than was done in the last four years."