5 students arrested at Platt High in Meriden after cafeteria fight

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Credit: Dave Zajac/Record-Journal

MERIDEN–Police were called to Orville H. Platt High School in Meriden on Monday after several students got into a fight in the cafeteria.

The cause of the fight is unknown, but some students received minor injuries, including scrapes and bruises. None of the dozen-or-so officers who responded to the school and broke up the fight were injured.

Officers arrested five students for the fight, and say no additional arrests are expected.

The school resource officer is the one who called Meriden Police in to help get the situation under control.

The school was placed on a minor lockdown, but it was lifted and students were released on schedule.

Credit: Dave Zajac/Record-Journal

Credit: Dave Zajac/Record-Journal

Here is a statement sent to parents from Platt’s administration:

Please know that all students are currently in class and we are back to our normal schedule.  During the course of lunch, we unfortunately had two separate physical altercations that occurred.  Although there were no major injuries, due to the large number of students in the cafe and to ensure the safety of all students, we decided to lock down the school and call for police assistance.  The police arrived quickly and helped support our staff to ensure no further disruptions occurred.  As always, thank you for your continued support.

Meanwhile, Superintendent  Mark Benigni released the following statement:

When I visited Platt High School today, I was very impressed with how the staff and the vast majority of our students handled a difficult situation.  I applaud the staff, our school administration, and our police department for their swift action to assure that we maintained safety in one of our school’s most highly populated areas.    These were isolated incidents where less than 10 students acted in a completely inappropriate manner and impacted the school day for the rest of our students.   I know the police are taking action and I can assure you that the school system will not tolerate this behavior.