Cheshire students spread positivity through ‘Look For The Good Project’

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CHESHIRE -- "I am grateful for the food and water I have because it helps me live a long life."

This is just one message of thanks hanging publicly at Doolittle Elementary School in Cheshire.

YouMatterThere are about 30,000 of these positive sticky notes now filling a large wall of the cafeteria, a lasting result of a school-wide effort in early January called the Look for the Good Project.

Fourth grade teacher Jen Guerin learned of this "two-week kindness intervention" while attending a conference. "I just thought, 'This would be wonderful for our school,'" she said.

It all started four years ago, when creator Anne Kubitsky embarked on a grass-roots art project as a way to heal from a traumatic event. She scattered postcards around Old Lyme that read, "What are you grateful for?"

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