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Wolcott neighbors worried about contaminated drinking water

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WOLCOTT -- Some neighbors who live at the Arrowhead by The Lake condominium complex in Wolcott are concerned with potential lead and bacteria contamination in their well water supply.

"Aside from showers we don't use the water for anything," said Chuck and Cindy Tutalo.

A few years ago, the complex's well water was found to contain elevated levels of lead, antimony and bacteria. Local and state health departments ordered the complex to clean up the supply and delivery systems and the condo's board of directors says the water is now safe.

"I don't drink bottled water, most of the people in here do not drink bottled water, our water is good," said Richard Desmarais, vice president of the board of directors.

Meanwhile, Cindy and Chuck have stockpiled their own water supply and say until they have more concrete information, they refused to drink the complex's water.

"I've had stomach issues," said Cindy. "Is it from the water? You don't know those things and you can't just jump to a conclusion, and he started having kidney problems and...this is very strange."

FOX 61 reached out to the Connecticut Department of Public Health and received the following statement:

In October 2015, the Department of Public Health inspected the public water supply at Arrowhead by the Lake and found that the system had not addressed the elevated levels of lead, coliforms, and antimony.  As a result, DPH ordered Arrowhead’s Association to take corrective measures to bring its water within acceptable levels and to inform their residents of the issues with the water.  Subsequent meetings and testing have shown that with the exception of high levels of lead in some, not all, areas, the steps the Association has taken has brought the water levels back to acceptable levels.  The Association is working on the corrosion issues that are continuing to cause high lead levels in some locations, and they have notified residents in those areas and advised them to take certain precautions while they fix the corrosion problems.  DPH will continue to monitor compliance with the order at Arrowhead by the Lake to ensure that all remaining issues are remediated as soon as possible.

The elevated lead levels at Arrowhead are not associated with the source of their water supply, rather they are due to deterioration of lead solder and fixtures within Arrowhead’s plumbing.  The water supply of neighboring private properties would not be affected by the corrosion issues at Arrowhead.

Maura Downes, MPA

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