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Results rolling in as polls begin to close in Super Tuesday states

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WASHINGTON–The polls have closed in eight states, and projections are starting to roll in.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are landing big Super Tuesday wins as they seek to tighten their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

Clinton has the Democratic presidential primaries in Arkansas--where she served as first lady--as well as Massachusetts, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia, while Bernie Sanders won in his home state of Vermont, as well as Minnesota, Colorado and Oklahoma. Clinton also took American Samoa.

Meanwhile, for the Republicans, Trump has taken Massachusetts, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia and Tennessee. Marco Rubio had been close on Trump's heels in Virginia, but the current front-runner cinched the lead.

Ted Cruz cinched a win in his home state of Texas right after the polls all closed at 9 p.m. Shortly after his first win he pulled away in Oklahoma, which had been a close race between him, Trump and Rubio.

Rubio picked up his only win of the night in Minnesota.

Clinton's wins across the South appear to confirm her strong advantage over Sanders among African-American voters who bankrolled her huge win in the South Carolina primary on Saturday.

Additional reporting from CNN and Associated Press