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Lou Diamond Phillips brings his ‘Burning Desire’ to Waterbury

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WATERBURY - Veteran stage and screen actor Lou Diamond Phillips is bringing his play to the local stage in Waterbury.

"It was precipitated by a bad breakup," said Phillips. "Something everyone can relate to!"

The breakup caused pain and heartbreak but also led to an inspiration.

"Can you fall in love with someone so hard, you`d sell your soul?" asked Phillips. "That`s the premise."

Phillips is not only the star but the author of the play.

"I originally wrote the opening monologue in the early 90s," he said. "Lucifer talks to the audience, very Woody Allen..."

A few years later, he was commuting on the train from Long Island to New York City, where he was performing in 'The King and I".

"All of a sudden, it is just comes to me," he said. "Everything comes together and I write the play in two to three weeks on the LIRR."

So, Phillips started writing the show 20 years ago and he's been working on it ever since. Though romantically themed, the show is part comedy and part tragedy.

"My favorite genre, I`ve said this before... is employment," he laughed. "I got four kids - they eat every day. It`s ridiculous."

While he is proud to star in this own show, he admits he's curious to see the show, and the role, take on a new life of its own.

"It`s interesting," he said. "They say write what you know. I wrote to my own rhythm so I`m interested to see someone else do this."

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