Massive blaze reignites in Yankee Casting building in Enfield hours after first fire

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ENFIELD–A massive fire reignited hours after it was put out at a company in Enfield.

Around 9:37 a.m. firefighters responded to the Yankee Casting building on Shaker Road for reports of a fire in the backroom. The fire was in a “clean room” where the employees work on metal products that just came out of molds. The fire spread to some wooden shelves and up into the ceiling.

The fire was initially put out at 1:45 p.m. after the Shaker Pines, Enfield, North Thompsonville, Thompsonville, Hazardville and Somers fire departments responded.

Around 8:45 the fire reignited, and flames could be seen coming from the roof. The official Twitter account for the Tolland 911 call center wrote at 9:19 p.m. that the department was responding to the fire with two 3,000-gallon tankers.

No one was hurt during the fire in the morning, and so no injuries were reported during the reignition.

The company was originally going to reopen later this week, but that’s not clear now that it has reignited.