Torrington homeless population without place to sleep after city closes encampment

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TORRINGTON--The closure of a homeless encampment has brought about bitter feelings in Torrington.

On Tuesday, protesters marched with signs, claiming that the city has abandoned its homeless population.

Some of the protesters told FOX 61 that 10 people were staying in tents at the encampment before it was shut down, and they want the city to help find a suitable replacement for them to live.

"They are helping giving them resources for where they can go and what they can do, but the thing is it takes time to get housing. It doesn't happen overnight, so my big question is where are they going to sleep tonight," said Lisa Hageman, the director of the Community Soup Kitchen of Torrington. "But I don't want a fight with the city, I'm just trying to find a safe haven for the homeless."

The city is asking those who were displaced to go to local shelters, but protesters said that the shelters are full.