Spring housing market blooming early in Connecticut

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BERLIN-- The spring housing market is starting early this year according to Connecticut realtors, who add that that is great for business, but buyers are affected by a lack of houses for sale.

"It's tax time. People are getting their returns. Got something to do with that money? Buy a house," Derek Jutras, who owns Cornerstone Real Estate in Berlin, explains of the mindset this time of year.

He added that there was never really a lull on the buyer's side.

"This year, with the weather being so good, it really didn't slow down," Jutras said. "The biggest problem we have really is not enough inventory, meaning houses that are available for purchases."

One Kensington homeowner FOX 61 spoke with put her house on the market a few days ago and she said she's been inundated with calls. Jutras isn't surprised.

"Because there's a lot of people looking for homes, if you're ready to put it on, I think you're going to have good success," he said.

But the supply and demand lesson comes with a warning: "People are looking for houses that are in good condition, so if there's anything I could tell a seller, I think that would be make sure your house is in good repair," Jutras said.

He suggests painting, sprucing up landscaping and repairing any issues as soon as possible.

"Nothing better than having your house ready to go when the day comes when you find out you're getting a transfer or life is changing for some reason," said Jutras. "The good houses, they sell quickly. That's the case in any marketplace, but it's especially today. You have people lined up waiting for that house."

Happy hunting! ​