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Fairfield residents wary of hawk attacks

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FAIRFIELD -- Neighbors in one part of Fairfield are scanning the skies closely for a flock of hawks that have gone rogue.

Police say a few people have been attacked by the territorial birds.

"He was not a friendly one. I know he was defending his nest and showing off for the females but it didn't make things any easier," said Jane MacDonald, who says she was attacked by a hawk on Saturday. "I look to the right and I saw the hawk sitting at eye level in the tree, he was at my level, and I turned and I kept walking and two seconds later I got based on the top of my head from behind."

The attacks are sometimes painful. "It was like a body blow to the back of my head," said MacDonald. "It didn't scratch me, I had a fleece hat on  which I think was a good thing but it scared me to death, just a really hard blow to my head."

Fairfield Police say the attacks have been going on for about two weeks and are advising neighbors two try and walk in pairs.

Meanwhile, police along with the USDA, CT DEEP, and Fairfield Animal Control, are working to move the birds to another location.