Discover and enjoy New Haven’s street art with some help from your smartphone

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NEW HAVEN - New Haven is a small city with a global feel, full of captivating creations -- both obvious and hidden. That's why a non-profit called Site Projects created a comprehensive tool to help tourists and residents appreciate the Elm City's public art.

It's a website that acts like an app, which can become an "art trail" on a cell phone.

"At the moment, there are 33 sites," explains senior project manager Selby Nimrod, as she references the interactive map on  "We wanted it to be a fun thing -- have a bit of a 'gameME' approach to it."

Take a stroll down Chapel Street and find several works of art. yale

"Here we are at stop one of our tour," says Nimrod. "This is an anamorphic wall painting called 'Square With Four Circles.'"

No doubt, people walk by Temple Plaza without knowing it contains a visual masterpiece by Swiss artist Felice Varini that changes with every step.

The pieces range in style."Ocean," a unique steel sculpture by British artist Anthony Caro, is owned by Yale University.

"The curves are so elegant and fluid," says Nimrod.

The swipe of a finger reveals a detailed history of the piece and artist. The concept of a high-tech art trail is also appearing in cities like Philadelphia and Chicago.

After about a year in operation, the site is poised to expand. "We’re ready to partner with schools, after-school programs, community groups and organizations," says senior project manager Liz Antle-O'Donnell. "With exposure to the arts, kids can really think creatively and outside the box."

A striking mural on the side of a building created by an artist named Swoon is made of wheat paste, which wears away. "It tells the story of time passing in a city," says Nimrod. "We think that cultural programming is a vitally important part of a healthy city culture and healthy society."

So don some walking shows and utilize a resource that celebrates New Haven's creative side -- a cultural "treasure hunt" that's fascinating and free.

"See your city in a new way," says Nimrod. "Art is everywhere. Art Sites allows you to find it."

Click here to see Art Sites.