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Manchester parents, mayor, superintendent meet to discuss bullying

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MANCHESTER--After an increasing demand for something to be done about bullying, parents and school leaders met on Friday evening to discuss ways to approach the issue.

FOX 61 has reported about several children who have faced brutal bullying in Manchester, as well as East Hartford and other towns around the state, and we've also reported on the progress being made.

Candy Lopez, a parent of one of the victims, spoke candidly to FOX 61 last week about the devastating impact bullying has had on her fourth-grade son, who attends Washington Elementary School in Manchester. We also had the chance to show a meeting Candy later had with Ebony Strong, the mother of her son's bully, and how the two decided to come together to address the issue.

On Friday, a meeting organized by Candy Lopez saw several parents come out to talk, with the school district's superintendent and the mayor of Manchester attending.

Mayor Jay Moran said he is cooperating with the schools in finding an approach to the problem, but that a first step will be educating children as young as possible about bullying, and getting the community at large involved.